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to Mummy Love.

I am Cat Berry, a mind+body practitioner specialising in perinatal and parental emotional wellbeing and trauma recovery.

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I use a range of techniques and modalities to help you find that feeling of calm,
depending on your situation, and where you are on your healing journey.

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As well as providing you with a safe space to feel truly listened to and validated, I also teach techniques which you can use at home to help settle the nervous system after trauma. During one-to-one or group sessions, I will teach you the techniques to help you self-soothe and heal.
Cost of 1 hr (one-to-one) session is £60.
For more info or to book a session, please get in touch.


Also known as ‘tapping’, EFT is a talking therapy which significantly reduces feelings of acute anxiety, stress and shame, by tapping gently on acupuncture points and promoting self compassion and long-term healing. Cost is £60 per hourly session.
For more info or to book a session, please get in touch.


A unique self compassion-based healing practice, using found objects, drawing, journaling and visualisation. 
During sessions we identify, build up and map your own unique vital resources, to offer you emotional first aid, calm and comfort when you’re having a bad day.

For more info or to book a session, please get in touch.


A gentle relaxing technique using visualization which helps to reduce the intensity of emotions associated with trauma after a difficult birth. Cost is £90 per session for two 90 min sessions, and then £60 for subsequent sessions (60 mins each).
For more info or to book a session, please get in touch.


As well as offering support to parents, I also I offer support to people who have experienced baby loss, stillbirth or miscarriage. Losing a baby or pregnancy can be devastating, and getting pregnant again can bring a whole new mixture of emotions. I can help you navigate this process, and give you some tools of comfort and stability during this very uncertain time.


Sometimes childbirth can be not quite what you expected it to be, for whatever reason. Sometimes it can be traumatic. 

Despite feeling grateful and happy that you have a healthy baby, you may still be processing emotions from the birth itself. 

During the birth you may have experienced:

- Fear for your baby’s life, or your own. 
- An injury to you or your baby. 
- A feeling of loss of control during the birth.
- Having to go through an emergency procedure such as caesarean or forcep delivery, or simply the birth not going to plan. 
- Flashbacks to memories of incidents in your past when you had been sexually assaulted or raped.
- Medical staff who did not respect your wishes or your body. This could have been verbal comments, or physically by carrying out invasive examinations or procedures without your full informed consent, or in cases of obstetric violence.
- Sudden unexpected changes to your birth plan by medical staff, ‘due to Covid’.
- A premature baby, and/or a time after the birth when your baby was in NICU.

You now may be experiencing:

- Recurring thoughts, flashbacks or nightmares from the birth. 
- Anxiety, hyper vigilance, or constantly feeling on ‘high alert’. 
- Not wanting other people to touch your baby, and/or having to check on your baby constantly.
- Feeling that you need to avoid people, places or conversations which remind you of the birth. 
- Feeling dissociated, or somehow ‘disconnected’ from your body.
- Feelings of numbness, shame, guilt, confusion, anger, exhaustion, low mood, or just not feeling like yourself.
- Difficulties bonding with your baby. 
- Struggling to breastfeed your baby.

If it is any reassurance, it is a normal human reaction to have emotions like this after experiencing a traumatic event, and with the right support it is possible to fully recover. If you are experiencing any of these feelings, please get in touch and I can help. (Or if there is anything I cannot help with, I will be able to refer you to someone who can).


Many parents I work with find that old childhood memories can come to the surface when they have a new baby or when their children get to an age when they themselves experienced acute stress or trauma in childhood.

Perhaps you did not have an entirely straightforward relationship with your own parents, or one or both of them were absent while you were growing up. Perhaps you were sent away to boarding school at a young age.

Repairing the attachments which were broken during your own childhood, and showing yourself the compassion which you needed when you were a child, can help to improve the relationships you have with your own children.

Please get in contact for more info.


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To find out more or to book a session, please drop me an email:

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Founder of Mummy Love 

Cat Berry has been facilitating peer support groups for mums and mums-to-be for Juno Perinatal Mental Health Support Edinburgh since 2016. Having lived experience of recovering from a traumatic birth and injury, her particular focus is helping mums to cope with their day to day mental health symptoms and supporting their recovery. Cat is a Certified EFT Practitioner, a Certified TRE Provider and a 3 Step Rewind for Traumatic Birth Recovery Accredited Practitioner. She is the mother of two beautiful children.




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